Not your average MBA

Fred Newman, actor, writer, musician, and composer, attributes his success to talents he developed to cope with dyslexia. Finding reading difficult, Fred relied on sound to communicate and understand the world. As a child, he created unusual sounds and told stories. “I got through college with a lot of post-it notes.” Doing stand-up comedy after Harvard Business School, Newman saw how his sounds and different voices grabbed the audience's attention. So he wrote MouthSounds: How to Whistle, Pop, Click, and Honk Your Way to Social Success in 1980. It earned him a slot on David Letterman at which point Newman quit his Newsweek job leaving corporate America forever. From Newman's vantage, what makes a person weird is what makes a person great. “You've gotta have those people who think differently. They are leaders. They are the people who show us the light and save us from lackluster afternoons."