Queen Elizabeth I: Her leadership and legacy

Queen Elizabeth I reigned from January 15, 1559 until her death in 1603. At the start of her reign, England was weak, demoralized and impoverished. By the time of her death, the country had regained its self-confidence and sense of direction. Elizabeth had restored the value of England’s currency, she had established a national church, the country was fundamentally stable and united and she had elevated England’s status internationally by defeating the Spanish Armada. And she did all of this despite the prevailing prejudice against female rulers. Join us to learn about Queen Elizabeth I’s leadership secrets from her award-winning biographer, Anne Somerset. The New York Times Book Review described Ms. Somerset’s biography -available on Amazon.com- as the most comprehensive, the most reliable and the most readable biography of Elizabeth I. The Sunday Times (London) called it an excellent book…the most balanced and impartial of all of Elizabeth’s biographies.